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Lake Macquarie Rowing Club (LMRC) is a community based rowing club, incorporated since 1987, that operates all year round from our Club house at First St, Booragul, near the Art Gallery & Awaba House - Map.

LMRC attracts a diverse membership including school children, seniors, & Masters rowers. LMRC enjoys great success at the local level with many of our rowers also successfully competing at State, National, and International levels.

Our social members also enjoy the fitness & camaraderie that rowing engenders as well as our local dolphin family on many early morning rows.

Club News 2018-19 Season

A visit from The Calgary Rowing Club

Simon visited LMRC this weekend and was taken for a row from some of our members - pictured. He will take home new ideas and friendships from one short meeting.... the camaraderie of rowers worldwide.
From Simon... On behalf of all of us at the Calgary Rowing Club (CRC) I extend a Big Thank You for your warm hospitality and for making me feel so welcome. Perhaps we can return the favour to you and your members sometime in the very near future.
Sincerely, Simon Billo  

Simon with Ray, Bruce and Sue

Seeking BRO Trainees

To supplement our current team of Boat Race Officials or BROs, the club is seeking additional volunteers to train up. As a member of Central Districts Rowing Association (CDRA) we are obliged to provide Boat Race Officials (BRO’s) to help out at Regattas hosted by any of the CDRA clubs. If you can assist then please contact myself or one of the committee. Regards Robert Campbell

Navigational Procedures

A reminder of a few simple rules to be followed when bringing your boat into shore. First of all: If the shore-line, or just off-shore, is busy with boats going out onto the lake, as it usually is on Saturday mornings, please keep well away from the shore; at least 200 -300 metres or more; and secondly, when coming into land in these situations, row over towards the moored boats and then approach the club from a westerly direction.RC.

Our season’s membership

The new season is well underway and we are attempting to reconcile our season’s membership. Could you please advise us if you intend to rejoin. Regards Robert Campbell

NSW State Regatta 26 May 2018

Congratulations to everyone who attended the State Masters Regatta at SIRC. Lake Macquarie Rowing Club came ninth out of thirty two clubs in the medal tally, a wonderful achievement for a regional club. Results here

Congratulations to the following medal winners

NSW State Regatta
  • Peter Armstrong – Gold MMH2x, Gold Mix D-F 4x, Gold Mix G-K 4x, Gold Mix D-F 2x, Silver MMF4x, Silver MMG1x
  • Bruce Sharp – Gold MM1X, Gold MMH2x, Gold MixG-K 4x, Silver MMF4x, Silver MMG2
  • Kristen Wiltshire – Gold WMF4-, Gold WMF4x, Gold MixG-K 4x, Silver WMF2x, Silver WMD4-
  • Chris Brennan – Gold WMF1x, Gold WMF4x, Gold Mix D-F 4x, Silver WMF2x
  • Ann Campbell – Gold WMF4-, Gold WMF4x, Gold Mix D-F 4x, Gold Mix D-F 2x
  • Nerrida Clinton - Gold WMF4x, Gold MixG-K 4x
  • Jeremy Smith – Gold Mix D-F 4x, Silver MMF4x
  • Robert Wallace – Silver MMF4x, Silver MMG2x
  • Fran Kelleher – Silver WMH2x
  • Trevor Shiels – Bronze MMC1x
  • Jeremy Smith – Gold Mix D-F 4x, Silver MMF4x
  • Jane Ferguson-Palmer – Bronze WMC4x
  • Sue Diemar - Bronze WMC4x
  • Natalie Meisenhelter - Bronze WMC4x
  • Amanda Patton - Bronze WMC4x

Nationals 10th May 2018

 The weather was crisp but luckily we only had rain on the first day with all enjoying the experience and location. Lake Macquarie Rowing Club was very successful being placed 33rd out of 93 clubs. A great effort considering we only had eight members competing. Medal winners included:

Congratulations to the following medal winners

  • Chris Brennan – Bronze Medal in WF1x, Bronze Medal in WF2x, Gold Medal in MixE2x, Gold Medal in Mix F-G4x
  • Peter Armstrong – Gold Medal in MG4x, Bronze Medal in MF4x, Gold Medal in Mix F-G4x, Bronze Medal in Mix F-G2x
  • Kristen Wiltshire – Bronze Medal in WF2x
  • Chris Brennan – Gold WMF1x, Gold WMF4x, Gold Mix D-F 4x, Silver WMF2x
  • Ann Campbell – Gold Medal in Mix F-G4x, Bronze Medal in MixF-G2x
  • Jeanette Beeton - Silver Medal in WH-L2x


LMRC Regatta 3 Feb

 Many thanks to everyone who contributed to make our regatta a success at the weekend. It was great to see everyone helping out during our regatta and working as a team to get boats loaded and unloaded efficiently.

In addition, our competitors were most successful over the two days of racing. A big congratulation to Lisa Greissl and Deborah Summer who gained their first medal, a silver, in the WS10002x on Saturday and to our junior boys, Max Weinzerl, Louis Travers and Ben Roberts who gained a gold medal in the MD4x and to Ben who gained a gold medal in the MD2x on Sunday. These rowers have only been competing for a short period of time and it is wonderful to see them gaining medals.

The following rowers gained gold medals:

LMRC Regatta 3 Feb
  • MC4x-Stuart Boyd, Greg Evans, Stephen Meisenhelter, Mark P.
  • Bruce Sharp – Gold MM1X, Gold MMH2x, Gold MixG-K 4x, Silver MMF4x, Silver MMG2x
  • MixM2x-Peter Armstrong, Ann Campbell 

Endeavour Regatta 4 Feb
  • WD4x-Joy Millen, Tracy Nyman, Laurice Saunders, Louise Turmine
  • MS10001x-Jeremy Smith
  • MD2x-Ben Roberts
  • WM2x-Chris Brennan, Kristen Wiltshire
  • MS10002-Lucas McBeath
  • MD4x-Max Weinzerl, Louis Travers, Ben Roberts
  • WM4x-Nerrida Clinton, Chris Brennan, Kristen Wiltshire, Ann Campbell
Taree Summer Regatta 12-14 Jan

A massive turn out of competitors for this popular Summer regatta. Results here

CDRA Sprint Championships 26 Nov, Throsby Creek

It was a gorgeous day despite some gusty winds later in the afternoon. The buzz of the race cars was only just noticeable but the nearby helicopter got a good workout ferrying a constant stream of customers for a bird's-eye view over the race.
Results here

Congratulations to the following gold medal rowers:
  • MC2x-Jeremy Smith and Peter Armstrong
  • CMM1x-Peter Armstrong
  • WD1x-Louise Turmine
  • MC4x-Jeremy Smith, Peter Armstrong, Greg Evans & Stephen Meisenhelter
Port Macquarie Regatta 21 Oct

Louise was our lone representative at the recent Port Macquarie Rowing Regatta, coming second in the WM 1x, Women's Masters single. A shout out to Endeavour Rowing Club for accommodating Louise's single on their trailer.

Corporate Sponsorship

We are self-funded by membership contributions and fundraising activities so we rely heavily on the generosity of our patrons. If you would like to become a Corporate Sponsor please download the Sponsorship Opportunities flyer here.