Rowers are Green

LMRC “Rowers are Green” Initiative
Clean and Green Rowing

FISA, the International Rowing Federation has provided leadership and set clear expectations for all members of the Federation. Further, “Rowing Australia” aims to focus the collective minds of the rowing community on the part each can play in ensuring that the natural and physical resources which the sport of rowing needs to flourish will be sustained.

While Lake Macquarie Rowing club is a member of Rowing Australia and hence governed by its policies it is mindful and respectful of its privileged location and its need for clean air and clean water for the future of rowing.

Our club is aware of its growing membership and consequently influence in the community. It recognizes that by modeling best practice we have the opportunity to educate and support our members and school users to become more socially responsible.

Finally this initiative aligns to Local Council programs such as “Your Dollars, Your choices” - reducing resource consumption through adoption of sustainable practices. It also supports the community campaign run by the Lake Macquarie Climate Action group aiming for “A zero Emissions Future for our City”

LMCC Environmental Sustainability Grants

Lake Macquarie Rowing Club has been successful in receiving a 2015-2016 Lake Macquarie City Council Environmental Sustainability Grant to assist with the installation of Solar Power for our boat shed, located up the northern end of Lake Macquarie, in Edwards Park, along First Sreet Booragul.

This is in addition to the 2013-2014 Environmental Sustainability Grant for solar hot water for which the club was also successful. Both of these grants are part of a continuing initiative to reduce LMRC’s carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future.

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