Membership of LMRC

The club functions all year round and membership fees (not including Learn-to-Row fees) are due in July each year.  Fees are directed back into the club for the running and upkeep/upgrade of existing equipment and facilities.

Half year memberships are available, after January 1st each year, at 50% the yearly prices with the exception of the Social Membership.

For members who wish to compete for the club at regattas, Rowing NSW (NSW Rowing Association) registration is necessary.

Other costs are associated with competing and these are referred to as “seat-fees”.  These vary for local, Rowing NSW and Australian Rowing designated regattas.  All competing members contribute $10 to the club for each regatta to cover costs for fuel and transport of boats on the club trailer.

When you are ready to join, simply click on either the "Home" or the "Membership" tabs and follow the prompts and start the registration process.


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