Learn to Row

Who can join the club?
We cater for anyone preferably above the age of 14 - girls, boys, women and men with all levels of experience. We encourage not only competition (School-age, Grade, and Masters), but also rowing for general fitness - to be enjoyed by all those involved.

What if I've never rowed before?
Lake Macquarie Rowing Club has a three tiered structure to tutor you in the techniques and safety aspects of rowing. At the conclusion of Stage 3 you will be invited to join the Club to further your rowing experiences and hopefully to represent the Club in competition at one of the various regattas held around our area.

Stage 1 - Try Rowing
To allow you to obtain a basic understanding of rowing and what it entails, one of our master coaches will instruct you in these basics. This includes session time on the water in a Quad Scull (a boat that seats four persons). Stage 1 comprises four (4) x one hour session at a once-off fee of $65.00. At its conclusion you will have a good understanding of what rowing entails and you then may wish to proceed onto the next stages.

Stage 2 - Learn to Row
In this stage you will be instructed in all aspects of rowing under the tuition of an experienced instructor. Again this will be primarily in a Quad scull and your progress will be monitored and recorded. This stage comprises eight (8) x one hour sessions and the fee is $160.00. At the conclusion of this stage you will have a thorough grounding in technique and boat handling.

Stage 3 - Intermediate Rowing
If you have been deemed to have successfully completed Stage 2 you may wish to enrol in Stage 3. Again this comprises eight (8) x one hour sessions and the fee is $160.00. In this stage you will further your expertise in the technical aspects of rowing. You will be exposed to sweep oar rowing and to other boat configurations (e.g. Pairs/Doubles, Scull), and if interested, the Single Scull. You will have the opportunity to meet many of our experienced rowers who regularly compete at a State and Australian Masters level. You will experience rowing with many of these people during the eight weeks and will gain insight into their experiences. Should you then wish to join the Club as a full member, the membership fee will be the difference between the advertised membership fee at the time and the Stage 3 fee.

What should I wear for rowing?
Non-baggy shorts (e.g. tights, cycling type pants) and fitted shirts/singlets are best to prevent your clothes from catching in the seat and rigging. You will also need water boots or similar when entering the water, and long socks for rowing. On colder days, warm close-fitting tracksuit style clothing may be preferred. On warmer days, a water bottle carried in the boat, sunscreen and cap/hat are essential.

What does it cost to become a member for season 2018-19?
Currently the fees to join are:

Senior/Masters Rower (18 and over) $320 per year, plus $75 RNSW registration if competing.
Junior Rower (U18) $200 per year, plus $50 RNSW registration if competing.
Full-time Student Rower (U25) $200 per year, plus $75 RNSW registration if competing.
Social membership Open to those who do not wish to row but want to support the club in a voluntary capacity. The fee to join as a social member is $35 per year plus $20 RNSW registration.

As with any club, there are a number of areas where members are expected to assist us with their time (around the club or at regattas); we will explain these when you are ready to join us.

Ready to try rowing on Lake Macquarie with Lake Macquarie Rowing Club?
So we can best ensure that your introduction to rowing is successful and enjoyable, we ask that you register your interest with our Learn To Row Coordinator ( Anita Bickle) on abickle@bigpond.net.au, so that we can schedule a Stage with you. Alternatively, if you visit our boat shed during Saturday or Sunday mornings a Committee Member will be able to assist you.

Learn to Row Contact
Anita Bickle
Mobile: 0434 369 493
Email: abickle@bigpond.net.au

If you are still a little uncertain, you are most welcome to come down on a Sunday morning by 7.45 am (for an 8.00 am start) to see what’s involved and to talk to our people before booking a session!

The following Resources provided by Rowing Australia are available for members to borrow:

  • Instructors Guide Module 1 of the “Can Row” Program
  • Module 1 of “Can Row”....lesson booklet
  • Coxswain Handbook (Projects and Guidelines)
  • DVD....Go Rowing....
      Part 1 Introduction to Rowing Safety and the Equipment
      Part 2 Rowing Basic Skills
      Part 3 Essential Drills for Improving Technique.
  • DVD...The Core Four....The Basic 4 - Strength and Conditioning Exercises for rowing.
  • DVD...Croker Oars 2004 Rowing Australia Coaches Conference
    ...High Performance Coaching in a limited environment.
  • DVD...Croker Oars 2004 Rowing Australia Coaches Conference
    ...Designing a Successful Program and Strength Training and Cross Training.

Contact Irene Csuka on wilhellmene@bigpond.com should you wish to borrow any of these items. Please note it is very important that the books or DVDs are returned to Irene and marked off, and not passed along to someone else ... that way we can keep track of them.